CAF Headquarters

This project proposes the occupation of the defunct Chicago Spire. The programs of the CTBUH and CAF headquarters disperse across the site’s surface and within its derelict foundation. 

Both the CTBUH and the CAF have a responsibility to stand at the edge of the profession, ideologically situating themselves to indicate direction for young professionals. Subverting the remnants of a failed project intended to isolate and harbor wealth, we have designed a campus 

to expose and enable progressive creatives representative of the breadth of the city. Beyond the existing foundation, the site has a number of characteristics that make it a unique opportunity for experimental architecture. Proximity to infrastructure, water and public space provide a variety of situations for artists in residence to respond to through work built on site. The masterplan for the campus is intended to provide a sparse solution, creating a foundation for generations of students to expand and develop in an idiosyncratic and piecemeal approach over time.