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Progressive architecture is preceded by progressive practice!

uxo architects is organized as a worker-owned California corporation that operates on a cooperative basis, meaning that a majority of labor must be contributed by owners at all times. Although the State of California currently does not permit worker-cooperative organization, we're working with others and researching opportunities to allow professionals the right to organize as worker-cooperatives. While working towards a worker-cooperative model, uxo architects has been structured so that creative and organizational decisions in the office are made by democratic consensus — including decisions about hours, wages, allocation of profits, and benefits. The democratic process within the cooperative model allows us, as workers, to retain control of our labor and ensure it remains creatively directed towards design. Worker-owners are involved in the full architectural process, from design to management, so everyone collaborates in all phases of architecture.

Architecture adopts the aesthetic of the dominant political and economic structures it finds itself within, and in response to this uxo architects operates a platform for labor to create responsible, beautiful, expressive, and collaborative design for all projects. Space is designed through labor — drawing, crafting, and modeling. We believe that buildings cannot be dictated from the top down, but that they must take shape from the bottom up. In the same way, we believe that professional business structures, borne out of Capitalism, conflict with our inherently collaborative practice of architecture, and the advancement of an architecture for an alternative future.  

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