recreational facility for the 2019 architecture at zero competition

Inspired by California's coastal culture, the new CSUMB recreational facility is modeled after the state's public beaches. We capture the Pacific Ocean's cool breezes and sunshine in a naturally ventilated atrium and greywater irrigated gardens and terraces. The bar is a boardwalk concession stand, the roof decks are lifeguard towers, and the public plaza a skatepark. These moments allow for students and faculty to pause during a busy day for a quick getaway. In the spirit of a public beach the recreational facility is open to everyone at CSUMB, not just the Kinesiology and Recreation departments. For students commuting by car the building is a gateway to the campus with the perfect atmosphere for an early morning cup of coffee or workout, and for those biking in on the FORTAG trail there are convenient showers and bike storage. Whether students enter past the outdoor basketball court, across one of the gymnasium catwalks, or through the plaza where they glimpse a dance rehearsal, they are exposed to an active lifestyle. The building is also integrated into the campus energy system. If heating demands become too great for the geothermal heat exchanger, energy is borrowed from the campus chiller plant and in return excess energy generated from the photovoltaic glazing is shared with the grid. Students and faculty participate in this process when they work out on a stationary cycle or in the dance studio. Our design is a model for sustainable buildings that foster a sustainable life, balancing leisure and labor.

partners: raumspielkunst, raumeins, & mirbek bekboliev